Jepp Who Defied the Stars

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Fifteen-year-old Jepp was born a dwarf in the Dutch countryside in the 1500s. Growing up in the warm, happy environment of his mother's popular tavern, he has never really questioned his size - but then he is whisked away by a travelling aristocrat, who promises hin a new life of luxury, excitement and knowledge in the Spanish Infanta's court. At the Coundenberg Palace, Jepp sets about a new life as court dwarf, dressed in sumptuous finery, surrounded by glamour. Yet here he also encounters humiliation, cruelty and unhappiness - and then he falls in love. To win Lia's heart, he must take control of his own destiny and defy the stars, which predict a very different future for him. 

This romantic historical novel is based on the true story of astronomer Tycho Brahe. Although the pace is slow, confident and adventurous readers will find much to relish in the richness of Katherine Marsh's narrative. With a strong central character in Jepp, this is an unusual and powerful coming-of-age story about first love and taking control of your future.

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