Jekyll's Mirror

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Sam has had a tough life thanks to his father, a brutal alcoholic whose drunken attacks on his family ended with the bloody murder of his beloved mother. He struggles with everything - from fitting in at school to learning to feel at home with his kindly aunt and resentful uncle - but his biggest struggle is within himself.

Under his cool exterior Sam battles with a violent anger, much like his father did. When he is asked to participate in an online school project he finds a way to channel his rage by venting at faceless victims. As the project begins to consume him Sam realises he is allowing the dark within to control him. In order to stop before it changes who he is he must discover the true nature of the project and the horrifying truth of who is behind it.

This enthralling tale combines the harsh realities of cyber bullying with dark magic and the occult. The author worked with a group of cyber bullies and victims to understand how online persecution can affect both parties and this research is reflected in his flawed and all too human characters. It is a dramatic, exciting story that will pull the reader in until the last page.

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