Hungry Bunny

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Publisher: Chronicle Books

Bunny’s tummy is rumbling as he stretches to reach a juicy red apple in a tree. But it’s too high! The little bunny asks the reader to help. His smart red scarf (the ribbon provided in the book) is a perfect rope to help him reach the apples, but the reader must hold it steady.

As Bunny struggles home with a full apple cart, he needs lots more help along the way, and readers must tilt the book way this way and that. With a final shove, Bunny reaches home safe and sound and has a little present to say thank you for all the help.

This playful book will stretch imaginations as children are drawn into Bunny’s world. The interactive adventure places the child at the heart of the fun, and with only one or two short sentences on each page, the book is perfect for under-fives. The award-winning illustrator Claudia Rueda has used simple pencil sketches to create a timeless and irresistible book for families to cherish.

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