Hugh Shampoo

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Hugh Shampoo detests having his wild, unruly hair washed, brushed, cut or combed - in spite of the fact that his parents, Mr and Mrs Shampoo are hairdressers and proud owners of a hair salon. When his parents find out they are finalists in hairdressing competition the Scissor Showdown, Hugh refuses to act as Team Shampoo's model - but when disaster strikes at the last minute, he comes to the rescue, with unexpected results.

This fun picture book - the first that Karen George has both written and illustrated - is sure to amuse young readers, especially those who like Hugh have an aversion to scissors, shampoo, showers and hairbrushes! George's beautifully-composed page spreads and distinctive illustration style make this an unusual and attractive book, which is characterised by a quirky, warm-hearted sense of humour.

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