How To Feed Your Parents

Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books

Matilda Macaroni wants to be adventurous at mealtimes, but her parents only ever put grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets with ketchup on the table. She decides that if she wants to try something new, she’ll just have to cook it herself.

Once Matilda perfects paellas and masters miso soup, she knows her parents would enjoy the flavours too. Can she come up with a plan to show them there’s more out there than cereal and pizza?

Bringing a real twist to family meal times, this humorous story highlights that parents can also be fussy eaters. A real treat for foodie lovers, as Matilda explores the fascinating world of cuisine, from fajitas to pho, and persuades her parents to try new foods at mealtimes. There are also recipes to try at the back with kids who are inspired to cook!

Note: The text is Americanised, so there are a few instances of translating a couple of words, such as ‘eggplant’ for aubergine and ‘arugula’ for rocket leaves.

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