How to Eat Pizza

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

How do you eat pizza? Which slice do you go for first? The biggest isn’t always the best, you know.

Consider Slice 1 that knows karate, or Slice 2 that’s good at computers; Slice 5 used to be a bank robber. Or, you might look at the sheer range of scrumptiousness that’s on offer: Calzone, Marinara, Chicago Deep Pan, Grandma slice (and beware of the crusty bottoms). But, hang on - maybe vegetables are better? OR, maybe they’re better AS A PIZZA TOPPING! The pizzas don’t want to be eaten, but unfortunately they just might be too delicious.

Jon Burgerman’s big, bold pizza-tastic picture book explodes with colour and bounce, with clear, bold fonts and expressive illustrations. It’s a brilliant read if you’re looking for something interactive that involves lots of calling out and doing silly voices, and as pizza is a relatable and fun thing for many children, the book has instant appeal.

Side effects for adults reading this aloud may include mouth-watering, snacking and tummy rumbling.

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