Horrible Bear!

Publisher: Andersen Press

One day, a little girl is flying her kite on a mountain when she finds a bear’s cave. Unfortunately, when she goes into the cave, the sleeping bear rolls onto her kite and breaks it. 'Horrible Bear!' she shouts, and stomps home in a temper.

The Bear is indignant – after all, it was the little girl that barged in and made a ruckus. He gets a Horrible Bear idea and stomps down to her house, all ready to make a ruckus there, until the little girl says she’s sorry.

This sweet and simple story about friendship and saying sorry perfectly captures the frustration that children can feel when something doesn’t go right, and the relief we all feel at saying sorry and making things better again.

Zachariah OHora’s vivid painted pages are big, bright and full of emotion, with a retro feel that is hugely appealing. An excellent book about being horrible.

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