Horace Burp, Lizard Boy

Publisher: Earlyworks Press


Horace Burp is an eight year old boy with an unusual name and an even more unusual condition. His skin changes colour like a chameleon along with changes in mood. We join him on the day he first discovers his strange new power - and then accompany him on a series of zany adventures, during which Horace must cope with a gang of bullies, escaped rattle snakes, an overzealous PE teacher and a soggy camping expedition. All the while, Horace is desperate to get to the bottom of his mysterious new lizard-like behaviour - but in the meantime, he is surprised to find that changing colour can sometimes prove to be rather useful. 

This book was written with the intention of appealing to all children, but designed to be particularly appropriate to those with dyslexia. The paper is cream, the font accessible, sentences not overly long or complicated and line spacing, length, margins and justification all make reading it easy on the eye. Short, pacy chapters keep the action moving along, and generous doses of silly humour offer plenty of chuckles. Meanwhile an entertaining cast of characters (boasting names like Pongo Fish and Chu Fatt), are brought to life through Overend's comic-style illustrations. 

Original and well thought out, this is an accessible book for all children, which represents a model of good practice where dyslexia-friendly books are concerned.

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