Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World

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Publisher: Puffin

Hilo, DJ and Gina are best friends - only, Hilo's been away in another dimension battling alien monsters, and he's just reappeared. Settling back into life on earth is a welcome relief for the exuberant alien robot boy who likes nothing more than DJ's mum's OUTSTANDING veggies and repairing robots in his basement.

However, when weird creatures start appearing out of interdimensional portals all over town, it's time to save Berke County with Hilo's technical expertise and the help of a magical warrior cat.

The second in the series, this story is just as funny, colourful, well drawn and full of adventure as the first. The cast of characters are diverse and full of warmth and wit, and the minimal text accompanies the comic-style artwork brilliantly. Hilo, DJ and Gina's adventures will appeal to a wide range of ages from newly independent readers to older, more reluctant children looking for something fun.

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