Hilda and the Mountain King

Publisher: Flying Eye Books


In the sixth Hilda graphic novel, Hilda finds herself turned into a troll child and left in the Stone Forest while her mother has unwittingly returned home with a real troll baby to look after.

Out in the wild with the trolls, Hilda realises that more and more trolls are being called to the outskirts of Trolberg, and trouble is brewing. So, when the mother troll looking after Hilda offers to make her human again, Hilda jumps at the chance - all she has to do is find a mysterious blood-red spherical object in the Hall of the Mountain King...

Hilda's adventures are gaining more and more fans, with the successful Netflix series bringing even more readers to her magical and adventure-filled world, and it's delightful to have another story that expands the world of the trolls, Trolberg and how the two interact together.

What's lovely about Hilda is that she's a normal girl with all the usual friend, family and school issues, but she's also navigating the mythical worlds of the Icelandic/Nordic Huldafolk which Pearson depicts as full of character and definition.

This might be the conclusion to the graphic novel series, but we hope there will be many more adventures afoot.

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