Hilda and the Hidden People

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Magical creatures are an everyday experience for Hilda, who lives with her mum in the mountain valley of Bjorg. Funny fluffy Woffs, forest giants, nature spirits and even the occasional troll are all totally normal. But then Hilda discovers the valley is also filled with the Hidden People – and they’re determined to make it impossible for Hilda and her mum to stay.

An illustrated chapter book based on Luke Pearson’s brilliant Hilda graphic novels, Hilda and the Hidden People is a fun and pacey adventure combining a contemporary heroine with a gentle mythological element. Threatened with losing her home and having to move to the dreaded Trolberg city, Hilda must outwit weather spirits and water spirits, climb mountains, traverse waterfalls, take a rollercoaster flying lesson on a Woff, pass tests of courage and figure out how to negotiate a peace treaty.

There’s a lot for readers to get their teeth into without being too challenging. Hilda is determined and adventurous and caring, but she gets sad and angry too, tells the occasional little white lie, and will do anything not to have to move to Trolberg. But along the way she discovers what home really means to her.

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