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True Stories of Children Who Survived World War II

Publisher: Scholastic

Hidden is a revealing and thought-provoking collection of first-hand accounts of Jewish children sent into hiding in the Netherlands during World War II. Across 14 short stories, those who lived through the Holocaust retell their experiences; some of them were just toddlers at the time, some of them teenagers.

Every story is different, of course: some children had (relatively speaking) an easier time than others, and each account reveals a different facet of being in hiding or offers a different perspective on what it is like to live through persecution. Inevitably, there are references to difficult subjects in some chapters.

One of the things that stands out is the variety of experience, but each account is tied together by the sacrifices that families made time and time again, and the question of how to carry on afterwards. A book that offers lots of opportunity for thought and discussion.

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