Hero at the Fall

Publisher: Faber & Faber

The Rebellion seems crushed and the city of Izman is under siege, trapped beneath a barrier of impenetrable fire.

With Ahmed being held prisoner, Amani seems to be the default leader of the remaining rebels. It would be so easy to give up but she simply can’t let all the death and destruction have been in vain. Using every ounce of her emotional, intellectual and physical resources, she is determined to continue the fight for Miraji and to bring justice and peace to her homeland.

This final volume of an epic fantasy trilogy is unashamedly packed with myth and magic, brutal battles and further devastation as favourite characters meet their unsavoury destiny.

Most loose ends are cleverly tied up but the overwhelming sense at the end of the book is of our tendency to celebrate the glory of war and to conveniently overlook the trauma, loss and devastation.

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