Hermelin: The Detective Mouse

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Hermelin the Detective Mouse lives in the attic at the top of Number 33 Offley Street. From here, with the help of his trusty typewriter and binoculars, he solves all kinds of mysteries - from lost pets to missing diamonds.

When he saves Baby McMumbo's life, the people of Offley Street want to thank him in person, and throw a party in his honour. But when the famous detective arrives, the residents' reaction isn't quite what he had expected.

Award-winning author/illustrator Mini Grey has lots of fun with the familiar traditions of the detective story here, deftly blending them together with a classic picture book story. There's a wealth of detail to explore in each spread: the page-layouts are carefully designed, incorporating different elements from Hermelin's typewritten notes, to newspaper stories, to the detective's 'casebook', and making clever use of the typewriter font. A delightfully engaging picture book, with a satisfyingly happy ending.

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