Publisher: Hachette

Charlie and Nick go to the same school, but they’re in different years. When they’re put in the same form group for morning registration, they begin to get to know each other. Charlie was bullied for being gay the year before, and is a fast runner. Nick is in the rugby team and has always liked girls. But slowly, slowly, as they spend time together, at school and at each other’s houses, they become good friends. And Charlie realises he has a crush on Nick.

Then, at a party, Nick’s mates drag him over to talk to Tara, the girl he’s supposedly liked for three years. Charlie is devastated. How could he be so stupid to think Nick would ever be interested in him? They are friends. Nothing more. Will the boys ever confess their feelings for each other?

This is an utterly charming, slow-burn love story, with loveable characters and vivid illustrations that pull you into their world. It perfectly captures the joy and terror of having a crush on someone and desperately hoping they feel the same. The graphic novel format beautifully portrays each beat of every scene, every thought, every emotion. It’s accessible, inclusive and completely delightful.

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