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Publisher: Andersen Press

A scintillating selection of supremely scary tales from 11 well-known children’s authors, who each produce a story especially suited to dark nights and unknown noises.

From Susan Cooper to Eleanor Updale, via authors including Joseph Delaney, Robin Jarvis and Mal Peet, readers can be happily horrified by a variety of ghost stories set in the present and the past, and many where one meets the other.

These are quality vignettes, beautifully written, and thought-provoking as well as spine-tingling. In addition many offer resolution to readers uncertain of the future. Peet’s offers a modern and unusually reassuring take on 'Black Shuck', while Jamila Gamin’s extended short story resolves a centuries-old family disruption, and Updale’s narrator is definitely a 21st century cyberghost. 

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