Haunt: Dead Scared

(8 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Will is cycling to his best friend Dougie's house when he’s hit by a car. Coming to in the hospital, he soon realises the worst is far from over: he did not survive the accident and is now stuck here as a ghost. The only person able to see him is Dougie, and together they set out to discover why Will is still here.

Covering every possibility they can think of, they seek out other local (and sometimes terrifying) ghosts and accidentally stumble onto a 40-year old secret that someone is desperate to keep hidden.

This story is funny, touching and exciting all in one go. Will and Dougie are charmingly hapless protagonists caught up in a situation neither understands, leading to endless comic situations. The sarcasm and humour are an interesting twist on a generally dark genre, the banter and friendship between the two making this far more than a regular ghost story.

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