Hat Tricks

Publisher: Scallywag Press

Hattie the Magician is pulling things out of her hat in her magic show. First comes a cat. Then a squirrel. Then an octopus, moose and elephant, which of course gets stuck because elephants are very big. For the grand finale, Hattie magics a whole jungle out of her hat, with even more animals to meet. Bravo Hattie!

This super simple picture book is ideal for very young readers who like to learn their animals. Kitamura’s fun illustrations are big and bold and children will enjoy shouting ‘Abracadabra, katakurico! What’s in the hat?’. There’s also a guessing game to enjoy as each animal peeps out of the hat before being revealed. The silly scenes of a moose leaping out of the hat and the stuck elephant are sure to raise a smile and the inviting artwork is begging to be copied by young drawing enthusiasts.

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