Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

(4 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Orion

One Friday afternoon in Geography Jessica's friend, Izzy, notices Jessica turning invisible. They discover it's something to do with Jessica's birthday, and her rose-quartz birthday necklace: a complex trail leads on to an eccentric crystal shop and a secretive laboratory complete with scientist researching the mysterious crystals.

Jessica also discovers she has unlikely companions possessing superpowers: maths geek Tom can stop time; Head-Girl in waiting Heather Berry walks through walls and Max Malone overhears thoughts. When Max is brutally kidnapped by a ruthless adversary also hunting the crystals' secret, can their combined superpowers rescue him?

This fast-moving, ingenious novel, with its smart, funny narrative voice, cleverly combines fantasy and adventure, with characters that have complex personalities and family situations. Emotionally nuanced, absorbing - and entertaining!

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