Harper and the Fire Star

Publisher: Scholastic

The circus is in town – but this is no ordinary circus. This is the world of Harper, where nothing is ever normal or dull. Harper lives with her Great Aunt Sassy in the City of Clouds and this circus is the mysterious Circus of Dreams, a mass of floating tents, suspended in the misty air.

The adventure sees Harper and her band of friends on a quest to help the Wild Conductor regain his place in the circus. However, the task is not a simple one, and the evil ringmaster has other plans. It is an adventure which will also see Harper reunited with her beloved parents.

The Harper stories transport the reader to a enchanted, dreamlike world, bursting with music and magic. The writing is lyrical and accessible and the artwork appealing and whimsical. A troupe of delightful characters include Nate, who is visually impaired and accompanied by his loyal wolf. Packed with friendship, fun and adventure – and magic umbrellas.

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