Harold’s Hungry Eyes

Publisher: Phaidon

Harold is a hungry dog. Even when he's snoozing in his favourite comfy chair, he's thinking about food in the most unlikely of places - including raspberry fire hydrants and choc ice cars.

However, when his favourite chair goes missing, Harold has to search the city for it and gets very lost on the way. Worse, he's hungry again - and through his hungry eyes, lots of normal city sights become edible delights: pretzel bicycle wheels, salad gardens and cookie rubbish bin lids. Thankfully, though, when Harold finally finds his way home, a surprise is waiting - and it's INCR-edible!

Young readers will love this story of hungry Harold, and have a great time spotting all the original places that food has replaced normal everyday items. Kevin Waldron's artwork is bright and colourful with a quirky, modern use of collage that will also delight parents and carers.

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