Half Bad

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Publisher: Penguin

In a modern-day Britain in which witches live alongside humans, Nathan is caught between the 'good' White Witches and the 'bad' Black Witches. His father, Marcus, whom he has never met, is the world's most powerful and cruel Black Witch; his mother is dead, and he's forced to live as a 'half-code', continually under suspicion from those around him.

Ostracised by the White Witch community, pitied by some and feared by others, he's used to being an outcast. But as he grows older, he finds himself hunted. Soon, he is trapped in a cage, beaten, handcuffed and completely at the mercy of his captors. Somehow he must survive their torture, and escape before his birthday, so he can receive the traditional 'three gifts' or else he will die. But how can he ever escape - and without anyone left to trust, or turn to, what will become of him?

There has been a huge amount of 'buzz' around Sally Green's debut novel. Fast-paced, gripping and gruesome, it is a distinctly different take on witches, magic and the paranormal that is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Spare, dark and violent, it paints a vivid portrait of Nathan's alienation, and the brutality of his society. The final pages make it clear that this is very much the first book in the series, offering readers only a tantalising introduction to Nathan's story.

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