Future Hero: Race to Fire Mountain

Publisher: Scholastic

The only time 11-year-old Jarrell feels at ease is when he’s drawing. For as long as he can remember, he has created images of a futuristic world with towering buildings and magnificent warriors.

Jarrell is astounded when he discovers that this fantasy realm is a real place, Ulfrika, which he can enter via a magical portal in his cousin’s barbershop. He learns that he is descended from Kundi, Ulfrika’s heroic ruler, who centuries earlier defended the kingdom from devious sorcerer, Ikala.

But now Ikala has escaped imprisonment and Ulfrika is once again under threat; as the heir of Kundi, Jarrell is the only one who can stop him. Fortunately, Jarrell is accompanied on his quest by Kimisi, a fearless, trainee warrior. She guides him through the unfamiliar landscape, teaching him about the customs, inhabitants and technology of her homeland, and helps him to harness his newfound skills.

Inspired by African mythology, this fast-paced adventure combines magic and futuristic technology to create a compelling fantasy tale, which will leave readers desperate for the next instalment.

The short chapters feature black-and-white illustrations, which help bring the characters and setting to life.

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