Frostheart: Escape From Aurora

Publisher: Penguin

Ash, Lunah, and the crew of the Frostheart have made it to the mystical stronghold, Aurora – and it’s unlike anywhere Ash has ever been before, huge, majestic, and teeming with travellers from distant lands. However, an uprising led by the fearsome Captain Stormbreaker puts the safety of all Song Weavers in jeopardy, and Ash – desperate to find the next clue that will help him track down his long-lost parents – is forced to flee.

Facing Wraith attacks, monstrous Spearwurms, and a terrifying frozen wasteland stretching on for miles, Ash and his friends must fight to survive – and the end of this particular quest doesn’t end quite where they think it will.

The second epic adventure in Jamie Littler’s Frostheart series is a cinematic tale of ice and snow, yetis and monsters, loyal friendship and frightening enemies. Part pirate quest, part arctic exploration, Ash’s story is detailed and hugely imaginative, with gorgeous black and white illustrations throughout depicting the vivid characters – from wisecracking Lunah, to taciturn Tobu, to the mysterious and spooky Rook – and Ash himself is a realistic, imperfect hero. Readers would benefit from reading the first in the series, as this is a continuation of Ash’s quest and many of the characters and concepts introduced in the first book are vital to the second.

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