Freddy and the New Kid

Publisher: DFB

Robot Freddy loves school and his friends in the Super Awesome Robot Club (even though, technically, he’s the only robot). Everything’s going great – that is, until the new kid, Aoife, turns up.

Aoife’s one of those annoying humans who is good at EVERYTHING. Football, Maths, you name it. And even worse? She thinks humans are better than robots. It seems that Freddy has met his match, and he doesn’t like it!

Furious, Freddy knows there’s only one way to decide once and for all who’s number one – a contest. Whoever wins the most challenges (including climbing a Tower of Terror, a super-fast swimming race, and an impossible Maths test) will determine whether Humans or Robots are best! But as Freddy and Aoife get more and more competitive they find out they actually have quite a few things in common… could two rivals ever become friends?

Neill Cameron’s fabulous follow-up to Freddy vs School continues the adventures of Freddy the Robot and his gang of human friends as they navigate school, friendships, and falling out. There’s a firm but gentle lesson in this book about being kind and understanding when people aren’t always nice to you - Freddy can be a bit of a show-off, is sometimes selfish, and finds it difficult to apologise when he’s been mean, especially to his rival Aoife. However, as Freddy learns to think about other people and the consequences of his actions more, he becomes a much nicer person (and robot) – and ends up with more friends than he started with.

Expressive black and white illustrations, short diary-style chapters and lots of brilliantly silly jokes make this a perfect story for young readers gaining confidence in reading alone.

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