Freddie Mole, Lion Tamer

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Freddie is a popular, considerate and conscientious 10-year-old boy. Even though his parents work extremely hard, the family are very poor, but Freddie never complains: he just wishes he could help.

After an outing to the circus, Freddie can't believe his luck when the ringmaster offers him a holiday job. Not only will he earn some much-needed money, he will also work alongside the dazzling performers. He soon gets the hang of being tossed around by the trapeze artists, but is alarmed when he's asked to take on the challenge of lion taming. He doesn't want to let anyone down, but can he master his fear?

This entertaining tall tale about striving to do your best and grabbing life with both hands is a delight. The chapters are interspersed with humorous black-and-white sketches that bring the story to life. Ideal for confident independent readers, especially those with ambitions to join the circus!

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