Freddie and the Fairy

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Freddie is delighted when a fairy he rescues offers to grant him his every wish.  Although the fairy explains that she can't hear very well, Freddie launches into a series of excited wishes for different pets.  However he finds that his mumbled requests generate a succession of unusual and unexpected creatures. 

Freddie quickly becomes frustrated by her apparent inability to grant his wishes.  Luckily the Fairy Queen appears to help him understand that it isn’t the little fairy who is causing the problems – it is Freddie who needs to make some simple changes.

With attractive illustrations by Karen George, winner of the Waterstone's/Macmillan Children's Books 'Picture This' competition, this is a light-hearted story with a subtly delivered message.  As well as helping us better understand the needs of people who have difficulty hearing, the lessons about good communication are surely universal.  The Fairy Queen’s three golden rules represent perfect guidelines for encouraging children to speak clearly to make themselves understood.

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