Fred: Wizard in Trouble

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Fred is a trainee wizard. Until recently he was utterly dreadful at magic but since he’s been training with Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time, his confidence has grown and his magic has improved – at least when Merlin’s about.

When Merlin disappears, no-one except Fred seems very worried. The members of UNICORN (Universal Network Investigating Crimes Of Remarkable Nastiness) seem more concerned about the theft of an ancient, magical book from the museum but Fred and his best friend Marvin suspect the two events might be linked.

As the pair set about collecting clues, they find that the forces of dark magic could be involved and become convinced that Merlin’s life is in danger.

Although there are plenty of spells and magic in this funny and exciting adventure story, it is Fred’s determination, bravery, clever thinking and loyalty that ultimately lead to success.

Witty, energetic, black and white illustrations complement every chapter, bringing the characters to life and adding an extra dimension for independent readers.

This is Fred’s second adventure and, although it can be read as a stand-alone story, youngsters may enjoy it more if they have read Wizard vs. Lizard by the same author.

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