Fred Gets Dressed

Publisher: Templar Books

Fred is having a brilliant time running naked around the house when he finds Mum and Dad’s open wardobe. Curious, he tries on Dad’s clothes, but they’re not a good fit: Mum’s are much better and look very nice. Next, Fred explores Mum’s dressing table and makeup bag, but he doesn’t quite have the skills to apply lipstick properly. Fortunately, Mum is there to help – and it inspires everyone to get involved, too.

Peter Brown’s beautiful pink, green and brown-toned hued picture book tells the simple story of a game of dress up, which many parents will recognise. Yet, too, there’s a welcoming message here about trying out differently gendered clothes and appearances – and the representation of a space where it’s safe to play without any expectations.

Many little boys and girls enjoy dressing up, wearing nail varnish or makeup and walking in grown-up shoes, which is totally normal as they discover who they are and have fun along the way.

A delightful and very beautiful picture book about play, families and identity.

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