Foxy Tales: The Cunning Plan

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Welcome to Vaudeville, where Foxy DuBois is on a mission to get rich quick! The only obstacle in her path is greedy and demanding Alphonso the Alligator. Can Foxy's cunning plan make enough money to keep Alphonso in double fudge sundaes? Or will Foxy find herself on the menu?

This fun chapter book from the lively pairing of Caryl Hart and Alex T Smith is the first in a new series, which brings back the characters from Smith's popular picture books Egg and Catch Us if You Can-Can. As always, Smith's delightful drawings are packed with charm, and children will be sure to enjoy the outrageous characters and quirky humour of the story. There's plenty of additional fun for young readers in the shape of extras such as Alphonso's ice-cream sundae recipes, Foxy's game of Top Trumps, and an 'interview' with Foxy herself.

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