Foxly's Feast

Publisher: Templar

Foxly's stomach is rumbling! He needs something to eat, and sets off to look for something tasty. On his search for dinner, he meets ducks, rabbit, sheep, mice - and even a friendly owl. What a feast this will be! But which tasty item will he choose...? Or maybe not!

This playful, thought-provoking picture book challenges our notions about storybook foxes, and our ability to 'read' signs. Could Foxly's knife and fork thought-bubble mean 'come to my party' rather than 'I'm going to eat you?' And maybe the bulges in his knapsack are vegetables and cheese – not corpses?

With its woodland palette, deceptively simple perspectives and uncluttered layout, this is a real journey – and great fun to spot the 'clues!'

Highly commended for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration.

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