Fox and Rabbit

Publisher: Amulet

The fair has come to town and Rabbit is really excited about going on the Ferris wheel, but Rabbit’s best friend Fox is rather anxious about it. To help her friend, Rabbit sets out to win Fox a toy to hold onto during the ride – but that’s easier said than done! And how will Rabbit feel when Fox does much better at the games than she does? Fortunately, Fox and Rabbit really are the best of best friends and always look out for each other, especially when things don’t quite go according to plan.

This colour-illustrated graphic novel features five individual short stories starring the adorable Fox and Rabbit, who love having everyday adventures together. As well as the fair, they visit the beach (Rabbit is really nervous about the water), go treasure hunting (discovering that surprises can be, well, surprising), plant a garden (the products of which are completely irresistible to Rabbit), and set up a lemonade stand.

Enjoyable, sweet and funny, these stories are especially great for younger or less able readers, with engaging illustrations and larger print text. Themes of friendship, support and managing fears run through each story – while Fox and Rabbit don’t always get on or want the same things, they do always come through for each other.

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