Football School Season 3

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Walker Books

Have you ever wondered how your height and your foot size affect how you play football? What about who the first ever football club was? Or exactly how league tables are calculated?

Step into Football School and learn about the world through the eyes of football fanatics Alex and Ben. Each chapter is a different ‘lesson’ covering a different subject, each with a football inspired twist or from a football-related viewpoint. Fun and fact-filled, the book is packed with true stories, real science and crazy facts from zoology to technology, physics to fashion and everything in between.

Illustrated throughout with comedy cartoons, this is a brilliant and informative read whether or not you like football, with plenty of things for fact-lovers to be fascinated by! And although it’s ‘season 3’ there’s no need to have read seasons 1 or 2 beforehand as each book in the series stands alone.

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