Publisher: Chicken House

Charlie has had 'flashes' for as long as she can remember. Her dad thinks she is dreaming and everyone at school thinks she is either mad or attention seeking, but Charlie is sure these visions have links to real events, and real people dying. Determined to prove those around her wrong Charlie tries to identify the location of her latest, most brutal, flashes - those of a young girl, forcefully intoxicated and left to die on the train tracks. While investigating she bumps into the young, handsome, CID agent Tom Henson, who seems to believe her. But can she trust him or is he just trying to progress his career? Why does she keep getting calls from the dead girl's mobile? Will she be able to locate the killer before he finds her?

Tim O'Rourke is already a well-established, self-published, online author with a strong following. This, the first in a new supernatural detective series, will not only satisfy current fans but is sure to win him new audience. With a fast paced plot and enough twists to keep you guessing it makes for an exciting read and is a welcome addition to the YA thriller scene.

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