Fish-Head Steve

Publisher: David Fickling Books

This collection of comic strips, originally published in The DFC comic, is based on a brilliantly simple concept and does exactly what it says on the tin: a boy called Steve wakes up one day to discover he has a giant fish for a head.

But Jamie Smart’s clever and genuinely hysterical execution of this idea, is where the genius lies. Yes it is silly, and generally a bit bizarre, but both adults and children won't be able to stop themselves chuckling at the gags packed in every frame, and will relish in the absurdity of this story.  Despite the ludicrous premise, Fish-Head Steve is a story about an ordinary boy trying to keep his head (!): young readers will be entertained by his strategies to avoid his head stinking in hot weather, and his attempts to impose some order when everything around him seems to descending into madness.

Fish-Head Steve works both as individual spreads that readers can dip in and out of in any order, and as a combined whole, with the narrative drive centring around Steve's quest to solve the big mystery around the appearance of everyone's unusual heads!

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