First Prize for the Worst Witch

Publisher: Puffin

Although Mildred Hubble has made huge progress since her early days at Miss Cackle’s Academy, she still has an ambition left. What she’d like more than anything is to be chosen as Head Girl. But for 200 years, that honour has gone to one of her arch-enemy Ethel’s family, so Mildred’s chances seem slim.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of time for Ethel to be meaner than ever, for Mildred’s heart to be broken, for her animal-speaking spell to come in very useful and for trouble to follow her around as it always does!

Mildred’s experiences of friendship and learning through her mistakes are familiar ones, which make her stories accessible and relevant to newly independent young readers.

With its gentle humour, engaging characters and simple yet satisfying plot, this is the final instalment in the hugely successful Worst Witch series and brings the story of Mildred Hubble’s schooldays to an end.

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