First Class Murder

Publisher: Corgi

After their last distressing case, Wells and Wong Detective Agency have been ordered on holiday. They're bound for Istanbul on the Orient Express, chaperoned by Hazel's father, and detecting strictly forbidden. 

But when fellow passenger, Mrs Daunt, is brutally murdered and her diamonds stolen, Hazel and Daisy instinctively swing into action. There's a puzzling array of suspects: a magician, a spiritualist, a wronged brother, a Russian Countess, and a British policewoman in glamorous disguise. Lies are uncovered! Motives multiply! But, with the train conveniently stranded in remote terrain, will the murderer strike again?

The glorious mixture of glamour (note Mrs Vitellius' racy red peignoir!), suspense, puzzlement and female pluck are underpinned by Hazel's wisely self-aware, tongue-in-cheek, narrating voice, with historical background details adding extra interest. Great fun!

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