Fintan Fedora: The World's Worst Explorer

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Publisher: Scholastic

Clive Goddard is best known as an illustrator, but has successfully translated graphic humour into words in the first of a series of children's comic novels. Fintan Fedora, the fourteen-year-old son of a rich confectionary factory owner, is catastrophically accident prone, and generally unlucky. When he decides to go to Brazil in search of the legendary chocoplum, he not only encounters dangerous terrain, but kidnappers and rival entrepreneurs. Amazingly he eventually makes it back home, together with the unflappable family butler, Gribley.

Fintan's disasters invariably turn out worse for his opponents than for him, and every brilliantly comic page presents readers with a cartoon in words. A sequel is on its way, which promises more excellent entertainment for KS2 readers.

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