Find Your Girl Squad

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Publisher: Wren & Rook

This excellent self-help guide, co-written by a children’s author and a clinical psychologist, encourages girls to make positive friendship choices.

The book is centred around Poppy, who sends the authors regular video diaries to discuss concerns about her friendships. Poppy and Jada have been best friends since their first day at primary school, but when Izzy arrives, the dynamics change. Izzy is fun, confident and popular, but can also be really mean, excluding people from her squad on a whim. With guidance from the authors, Poppy must decide how she wants to deal with Izzy’s controlling behaviour.

A range of topics are discussed, from feeling left out, to dealing with bullies and understanding when to involve an adult. Much of the focus is on encouraging the reader to identify their own core values and develop their self-esteem. This should help them to form genuine, lasting relationships based on who they truly are, rather than who they think they should be.

The tone is light-hearted and humorous, while the advice offered is practical, considered and sensitive. With handy tips, checklists and amusing illustrations, this funny, empowering book will help girls to navigate the turbulent world of friendship.

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