Find Spot at Nursery

Publisher: Penguin

Spot the dog is one of the most endearing and enduring characters in children's literature: simply and brightly drawn, the friendly yellow dog is instantly recognisable by children (and grown-ups) everywhere.

Using the familiar "Where's Spot?" format of other Spot books by Eric Hill, Find Spot at Nursery shows the dog starting nursery for the first time: from hanging up his bag on his own special peg to painting a picture and then having yummy snacks.

Predictably, Spot goes missing. Where can he be? This format is a good way for children to see all the different fun things that you can do at nursery, as they lift the flaps to reveal whether Spot is in the water play area, play tent or sand pit. 

Not only is Find Spot at Nursery sweet, fun and interactive, but it's a very effective and gentle way to introduce the concept of nursery to children and to show that there is nothing to be frightened or wary about. 

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