Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Clementine is underground, locked in a small cupboard in the cellar of a ruined house. Tree roots bind her body and soil fills her nose and mouth, but even after ten years, she is still alive. When she is rescued by the handsome but dangerous Fisher she returns to the town of her childhood, New South Bend, to find everything and everyone much changed. The non-magical townspeople distrust the magical population that live in the Hollow, forcing them to keep their gifts hidden. When strange things start happening Clementine is sure it has something to do with her and the reason she was locked away. She is determined to figure it out before the townspeople turn on her and her 'fiendish' friends.

Brenna Yovanoff's writing is dark and compelling. The world she has created in Fiendish is layered with complexity and magical details yet it deals with recognisable themes of discrimination and prejudice. Clementine, her family, and friends are ostracised from a society that preaches acceptance but practices segregation. This is an exceptionally well-paced thriller, packed with fantastic characters and an explosive climax. Highly recommended.

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