Fergal Meets Fern

Publisher: Andersen Press

Fergal the dragon is perfectly happy with Mum and Dad, but life changes with the arrival of his new sister. Everyone is so interested in baby Fern that nobody has time for him anymore. He begins to resent his little sister and feels increasingly fiery whenever she cries or plays with his toys. He is looking forward to attending the flying show, so when Dad cannot take him because Fern is unwell, Fergal snaps. Fed up with feeling ignored, he runs away, certain he won’t be missed.

When Dad eventually finds him, he encourages Fergal to talk about what is upsetting him. Fergal worries that his negative feelings are bad and should be hidden but talking to Dad really helps. He also realises that he has a crucial role as a big brother and decides to make some important changes to improve his relationship with Fern.

This heart-warming tale explores feelings of anger, jealousy and love and will strike a chord with any child who is adjusting to the arrival of a new sibling. Perfect to prompt discussion about the importance of dealing with emotions, the story is enhanced by charming illustrations, which are full of warmth and humour.

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