Fearsome Dreamer

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Apprentice hedgewitch Vela Rue is bored of her sheltered country life, and believes she is destined for greater things - so she is thriled when the enigmatic Frith arrives and whisks her away to an exciting new life in the city. Here, she has the chance to make use of her special and very valuable talent: she can physically 'jump' to different places when she dreams. She becomes the student of a strange young man called White, whose task it is to teach her how to use her power. The two are increasingly drawn to each other: but who is the mysterious boy stalking Rue's dreams, and why is he so interested in White?

Fearsome Dreamer is set in a world in which England has become Angle Tar - an independent, fiercely technophobic island set apart from the mass of other nations that is World, a society in which people live out their lives through virtual reality. Imaginatively blending together science-fiction, alternate history and romance, this is a promising debut novel set in a distinctive and intriguing fantasy world. The contrasting characters of Rue and White are particularly well drawn, and their sparky, tense relationship will captivate young readers.

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