Publisher: Macmillan

Up to half of all young people experience pressure to ‘be’ a certain way or follow a particular course in life. Liam Hackett has experienced plenty of mean comments and bullying and often wondered if he would ever fit in. Now the head of a major anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label, he helps young people increase their confidence and manage the challenges they’re facing.

In this self-help guide, discussing topics from stereotyping and unconscious bias to managing emotions and self-confidence, Liam’s advice and guidance helps build resilience and understanding so readers can be their best, most fearless selves.

Packed with illustrations, text boxes and vibrant colour, it’s accessible, straightforward and appealing. Chapters cover things like worries about being yourself and being judged, worries about not fitting in or not being good enough, figuring out your emotions, and more. There are stories about real-life experiences, real-life questions Liam’s been asked (and his answers), exercises to help understand and apply the things Liam discusses, and messages from other inspirational activists.

By exploring and acknowledging society’s expectations Liam shows how we can help smash them and start the journey to fearlessness. Top tips, a glossary and further resources are included as well.

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