Fantasy Sports 3: The Green King

Publisher: Nobrow

When a fisherman pulls a large warrior wearing a big gold belt out of the water instead of a fish, the Captain of the Guard throws him in prison. Wiz, a small but mighty girl, vows to find her friend, and plays the Green King at an impromptu (but quite important) game of castle golf.

This is the third in the Fantasy Sports graphic novel series, which follows the adventures of Mug and his intern Wiz through a series of sports-based challenges. Book 1 focused on basketball, book 2 on football, and in this one, it’s golf.

These are excellent books for kids (and adults) looking for cartoon-style adventure with a girl protagonist and plenty of sports action – all set in a fantasy world. There’s also a great sense of humour that runs through the books, and the series is reminiscent of a mashup of Indiana Jones and TV cartoons.

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