Fantastic Footballers

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40 Inspiring Icons

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Spanning continents and decades, this Madam Tussauds of the footballing world showcases 40 legends from the beautiful game. Playground favourites Messi and Ronaldo rub shoulders with all-time greats like George Best and Pele. There’s room for less familiar names too, like Marta, the formidable female footballer who can score and shoot from any position.

As well the stats about goals and trophies that one would expect, there is entertaining trivia, too. Readers can find out Ibrahimović’s ginormous shoe size and which made-up language by J R R Tolkein is the one that Agüero’s selected for his famous tattoo.

The book is ideal for fact-hungry football fans but also stylishly designed with modern graphics and illustrations to create the perfect coffee table book. A great book to read together as a family, as adults reminisce about their footballing memories and share their passion with their children, enthusing the next generation of players and fans.

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