Publisher: Andersen Press

In King's Haven, the emotionless White Witches are in control of magic, while the Hags have been expelled - and toshers like Lara roam the sewers, hunting for objects they can sell to survive. 

But when Lara discovers a mysterious wooden box, she's thrown into an adventure she never could have imagined...

Full of magic, wonder and deliciously dark moments, Evernight is a rollicking yarn that is impossible to resist.

Ross MacKenzie's writing is utterly beautiful, and the world-building is astonishing: it's easy to feel surrounded by the poorhouses and castles of King's Haven. The characters are richly drawn, too, whether you're urging Lara on or cowering from the terrifying Shadow Jack.

Evernight's themes of courage, standing up for what's right and questioning accepted narratives are welcome, but never come at the expense of a fantastic story: by the end, you'll be racing through the pages to discover what happens.

A triumphant novel that will pick you up and not let you go. Evernight is the first in a series, and thank goodness: we can't wait to join Lara's next adventure.

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