Publisher: Penguin

Malorie Blackman's iconic and groundbreaking Noughts and Crosses is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021 – and with it comes Endgame, the electrifying final book in the series.

Newcomers to Noughts and Crosses would be advised to start at the beginning as Endgame draws heavily on what has come before, not least the murder of gangster Dan Jeavons and the kidnapping of Troy and Libby.

It's an action-packed instalment full of close calls, shocking killings and treachery, as the characters question who they can trust –  and it will keep readers guessing right to the end, too.

But there's plenty of time for emotion as well, as Blackman expertly weaves together all the threads from the series to form a satisfying if bittersweet conclusion.

The story is interspersed with news articles based on contemporary issues, which highlight just how relevant the world Blackman imagined in 2001 still is today. And as with all the books in the series, there's plenty of food for thought about race, politics, class and society.

Endgame is a fitting end to an incredible series, and will make readers want to return to the first book all over again.

Note: The book does include some swearing and violence.

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