Dump Truck Disco

Publisher: Barefoot Books

In the dead of night, when everyone’s asleep, Dump Truck Daisy and her crew of enormous vehicles roll softly up the street to a patch of waste ground, where they make a start on their secret project.

First, Garbage Truck Gertie clears away the rubbish, Daisy brings in fresh soil and Bulldozer Beatriz levels the ground. In no time at all, Excavator Esteban, Mixer Max and more of their friends are boogying about as arc lights pierce the darkness turning the site into a giant disco!

The stunning visuals in this lively picture book positively dance off the pages, and what youngster isn’t fascinated by diggers, dumper trucks, bulldozers and cranes?

A singalong CD with a catchy tune and repeated chorus brings an extra element to the story, and the magical transformation achieved by Daisy and her crew by the time the sun rises will bring smiles all round.

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