Publisher: Walker Books

Carla has always wanted to be more than another plain, clever, invisible girl, more than a no-body, and when she moves to London it looks like she may finally have her chance. Now her mother has landed her dream job with the Guardian they are no longer under threat of being uprooted every six months so Carla sets about integrating herself in with the popular crowd in her new school. Her golden ticket comes in the form of the breath-taking Finn, gorgeous, rebellious and interested in her! But Carla soon learns that keeping up with the in crowd comes at a price, one that may cost her everything she has ever worked for.

Addiction is never an easy subject to deal with in YA books but Everson manages to walk the thin line between glamourizing and demonizing, showing the lure and the attraction of drugs as well as the horrific effects they have on lives. Carla is a fully relatable character, a girl with little self-belief who slips up under peer-pressure and finds herself spiralling quickly and quietly out of control.

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